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Knives are a part of everyday life, for just about everyone in the world. You may not notice it, but you use your knives almost every day. Whether you're prepping food, opening a box, cutting a rope, out hunting, or simply carving an apple for an afternoon snack, knives are always being used. For many of us,  knives have become so engrained in our everyday routines that we don't give a second thought when we take one out of the drawer and use it. But what happens when they're not cared for? These tools that you use everyday become slowly less effective over time, and soon they start to make the small, miniscule tasks in your life, like opening a box, just a bit harder. But let's be honest, who has the time to take knives to be sharpened? It's hard to take time our of your day to have your knives sharpened, especially because knives, as frequently used as they are, are usually less of a priority than everything else that might be going on in your day. It's for this reason our knife sharpening service is pickup and delivery. Now, you can have sharp knives without any hassle. That's our mission, to provide a service that's fast and easy, and to provide you with extraordinary high quality, so those every day tasks become far easier, and actually a pleasure to do. 

We're dedicated to the quality of our work and the sharpening equipment we use is top-of-the-line. We use Wicked Edge precision knife sharpening systems to craft perfect edge, without removing unnecessary metal. These systems are angle-guided, manual sharpeners with diamond sharpening stones. Because they're manual and fully adjustable, we can cater the sharpening job to each of your specific knives individually. Knives are not all made equal, and we respect that. Some will require more acute sharpening angles, and some more obtuse. Some knives aren't that dull when we receive them, and don't require a heavy grinding to bring the edges back. We'll take care of each of your knives, and we take the time to make sure they're sharpened correctly. Sharpening is a craft, not mass-production. 


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